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Fish in the pond dating website

My line came tight and I quickly boated a small redfish.

We switched off and within a couple of minutes Barrett had his first fish of the day.

Jack picked me up late Saturday and we drove down and checked into our accomodations.

Sunday we were up early to beat other anglers to where we wanted to fish, and to catch early morning crawlers if possible Jack and I pulled up to our first spot hoping to catch a couple of slot fish for dinner that night.

While the fisher were a little tough to feed, they definately were looking for food.

We picked up a couple of more redfish and a black drum.I tied on a "Hot Lips Gurgler" which is a version of the Gartside Gurgler with an upper and lower lip.The Hot Lips Gurgler makes a very sexy sounding "ploop ploop" sound when stripped and popped, and was successful at getting a few fish to look up to see what all the racket was, and to eat.On a couple of recent fishing trips, I was faced with having lots of tailing redfish around that were difficult to catch because they had their heads burried in thick grass.I tried coaxing with crab flies, seducing with spoon flies and a number of other things to get their attention, but was just unable to present anything into their sight window while they kept their heads down in the thick aquatic vegetation I finally decided to stop trying to "show" them a fly, and to let them hear it instead.

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We were encountering very large schools of fish, one after another, we would land a fish and by the time it was released we would see another patch of water glowing orange and take another shot. As the sun began to climb and the wind picked up a little the schools settled down and action slowed.