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Free sick sex chat rooms

As the footage was a live streaming event, it is quite possible that only Scully ever owned the files, and I would imagine that anyone who watched the streams and potentially screen captured them, would have destroyed the evidence by now for fear of arrest. The link says “DO NOT WATCH” and we’re on it; grimacing and moaning, but we watch until the dying moments.Some believe that this odd human desire to be repulsed might be based in our evolutionary history.Or, it shows him disemboweling a baby after raping it. There is no evidence that either of those scenes exist.It’s strange how the internet to exaggerate how bad something is.The rape and murder of a child on camera is as dark as I need, thanks.We know for a fact that these videos exist, well, actually, Daisy’s Destruction is mentioned by the police, but Dafu’s Love might be a made up internet thing.

But, I couldn’t find video clips, stills or screen shots anywhere.A minimum of 8 girls, aged from 18 months up, were tortured and, at least one, was then murdered. The snuff videos created by Scully have been viewed by the Australian and Filipino police, and no one else.The detectives managed to track Scully down thanks to his Aussie accent and other clues left on the tapes.According to victim’s statements, Scully had forced some of the girls he was “looking after” to dig their own graves.This guy obviously got off on their physical and psychological suffering. As for the exact details of the types of torture Scully conducted, there are plenty rumours as to what the videos contain, but that’s another story…

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Scully has since been found guilty of the murder of an 11-year-old girl, and of the torture and sexual abuse of at least eight girls, including an 18-month-old infant.