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The service is not meant to be a replacement for having a primary physician, but doctors accessible through the app will diagnose, recommend treatment and (depending on the state) prescribe medication for non-emergency medical issues including cold and flu symptoms, bronchitis, allergies, poison ivy, pink eye, urinary tract infections, and respiratory infections.

If users don’t have a primary care provider, Plush Care’s physicians will help them find and book an appointment covered by their insurance plan.

Zipnosis Minneapolis-based telemedicine startup Zipnosis has been quietly setting up its online telemedicine service since 2010.

The company describes itself as providing a low-cost, online service for people to get diagnoses and prescriptions for some of the most common and addressable ailments.

Zipnosis doesn’t offer physician visits by video or phone, but instead relies entirely on text- and image-based to treat simple ailments like bronchitis or pink eye. In March 2014, Zipnosis announced it would begin working with other provider partners, starting with the University of Alabama-Birmingham Health System this summer.

Ringadoc In 2011, Ringadoc launched with plans to offer a patient facing app, which enabled patients to record video messages ahead of a virtual visit with a new physician, but after a few years they re-focused on improving after hour phone consultations for patients and physicians.

Pricing for Ringadoc starts at per month with one provider for unlimited calls and messages.

Read on for a list of 12 (now 13) companies in no particular order currently tackling video visits for primary care.His solution was a system in which patients could log in to a Me Visit account from their mobile device to connect with their primary physician.Before connecting, patients review their medical history for changes, confirm the availability of their medical provider, and submit the payment.This week, a bevy of telehealth stakeholders sent incoming HHS secretary Sylvia Burwell a letter as part of ongoing efforts to improve the legal and political climate for telehealth.But virtual visit practioners -- whether using video, telephone, or software -- are managing to do pretty well despite some coverage restrictions.

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Physicians will also offer specialist referrals and order lab tests.

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