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Today, however, we can reveal the truth about Ronaldo’s unconventional, motherless family.The twins were conceived in a laboratory and born to a surrogate mother.That day he’d received momentous news from California: he had become the father of twins.Three weeks passed before Ronaldo announced the birth of his son, Mateo, and daughter, Eva — again via an Instagram picture, in which he cradled the pair in his sinewy arms.What, then, of Cristiano Junior, the elder son whom Ronaldo plainly adores, spending hours training him to emulate his footballing feats? In her authorised biography, Ronaldo’s mother Dolores — who lives inside the same gated complex as her son so she can care for her grandson while the superstar plays football — says she collected Cristiano Jr from a private hospital in Florida and brought him back to Spain.

However, that wasn’t his only cause for celebration.

Since then, they have become the most talked about twins since Romulus and Remus.

There has been endless speculation because Ronaldo, 32, remains unmarried, rumours surround his sexual orientation (despite all the glamourous women he has romanced) and he has not identified the twins’ mother.

This week, it was revealed that the player who calls himself CR7 (his initials and shirt number) boosts his colossal income by a staggering £310,000 through sponsorship every time he posts a picture or film on Instagram, where he has 106 million followers.

Invariably these images show the comically narcissistic star preening and posturing.

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The court would not provide any further information, not even the names of the lawyers involved.

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