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Suse dating

These editions are often completed several weeks after the two "Main" editions and may sometimes miss some of the "minty" tools and other features found in the project's flagship products.

Another variant of the Mint line-up is a "Debian Edition" based on Debian's Stable branch.

Debian not only survived, it thrived and, in less than a decade, it became the largest Linux distribution and possibly the largest collaborative software project ever created!

The success of Debian GNU/Linux can be illustrated by the following numbers.

„Gewalt verletzt den Kern dessen, was das Grundgesetz den Menschen verspricht: Freiheit in gleicher Würde.Its founder, Ian Murdock, envisaged the creation of a completely non-commercial project developed by hundreds of volunteer developers in their spare time.With sceptics far outnumbering optimists at the time, it seemed destined to disintegrate and collapse, but the reality was very different.Originally maintaining a Linux web site dedicated to providing help, tips and documentation to new Linux users, the author saw the potential of developing a Linux distribution that would address the many usability drawbacks associated with the generally more technical, mainstream products.After soliciting feedback from the visitors on his web site, he proceeded with building what many refer to today as an "improved Ubuntu" or "Ubuntu done right".

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And thirdly, thanks to its wealthy founder, Ubuntu was able to ship free CDs to all interested users, thus contributing to the rapid spread of the distribution.

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