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Il s'est marié à Blaine le 9 novembre 2014, 4 ans après leur première rencontre dans les escaliers de la Dalton Academy.

Avec Blaine il a joué dans la première version LGBT de Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? Il a emporté un "Obie Award" ou "Off-Broadway Theater Awards" sont des récompenses de théâtre décernées par l'hebdomadaire "The Village Voice" aux comédiens et professionnels du théâtre à New York.

Can Lucy outwit and destroy her foes, or will she be dragged into a prison of their making? They made things more bearable, and for a while, he was happy, even though there was a gaping hole in his heart. They are shocked by what they see and make a choice to do something about it, their own feelings playing a bigger part than they first thought.

Oliver Queen had started a crusade in his father’s name, alone. He was left with scars and bruises that only seemed to double with each passing day. When Oliver Queen returns for his final year at Hogwarts with the mysterious death of his father hanging over his head, he doesn’t expect much to change.

Hummel (mère, décédée) Finn Hudson (demi-frère, décédé) Carole Hummel (belle-mère) Pam Anderson (belle-mère) Cooper Anderson (beau-frère) Kurt-Elizabeth Anderson-Hummel était l'un des tout premiers membres du Glee Club.

Oliver Queen dies after being betrayed by someone he trusted.

Finding himself in a state of Purgatory, he meets a mysterious being who only calls themselves "Messenger".

That night Oliver did something that changed his life and the lives around him. Only problem, Mayor Oliver Queen isn't keen on the movie ruining his Christmas.

The two of them get closer, but will Felicity's life get in the way of happily ever after?

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Niveau musical, il apprécie Madonna, Lady Gaga, Patti Lu Pone et les grandes divas de la chanson en général, ainsi que les comédies musicales qui parlent de romantisme.

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