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And, as they took shelter from the winds and flying debris, certain employees were forced into tight quarters, leading to some tense situations.

Jonah (Ben Feldman) and Amy (America Ferrera), who spent the episode carefully tiptoeing around their candid conversation at Cheyenne’s wedding -- when Amy confessed that she thought her marriage was over and Jonah revealed a little too much of his own feelings in an attempt to cheer her up -- sought cover in the pharmacy and, during a particularly fraught moment, broke their will-they-or-won’t-they romantic stalemate and shared an intense kiss!

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It felt like we could do it now and not have it take away all the tension between them.”EXCLUSIVE: 'Superstore' Boss Previews Season 2 Finale Tornado 'Lockdown' & Dishes on Amy & Jonah's 'Slow Burn'As important as the moment may be, however, Spitzer warned that the kiss certainly doesn’t mean happily ever after for the pair, who will have to face the consequences of their adrenaline-charged impulse after the storm has passed.“The kiss is the first open acknowledgement between both of them that there’s some feelings for each other and it would never have happened if it were not for the tornado,” he explained.

Sometimes going towards those issues is the best way to do it...

We’re not trying to teach anything, we’re not trying to prosthelytize….

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